Smart Machine Components for Process Information in the Industry 4.0

The end-to-end solution for static and quasi-static processes

Sensor Integration + Machine Learning = Smart Machine Components

Sensor Integration

We integrate component-specific strain sensors on or into machine elements like bearings or threaded rods. Therefore, we use a variety of manufacturing technologies from printing and foil to thin film technologies.

Machine Learning

We do not just give you data – we interpret the data with our machine learning algorithms. From this we provide real-time component information followed by evaluating the status of the surroundings e.g. your production. Within this we can detect specific irregularities and analyze patterns over time.

Smart Machine Components

Machine components become smart for the Industrial Internet of Things. Sensor integration meets machine learning for application-specific information from day one.

What Our Technology Offers



Predictable point of exchange

Optimal utilization of the remaining lifetime of a component

Enabling companies to offer new service models



Protection of single components and the whole machine against damage

Protection against unjustified warranty claims



In-process-quality monitoring of the product to be manufactured

Load-optimized setup of the production process



Optimizing parts with the help of real-world data

Improving machines by merging different sensor data



For making your product intelligent we analyze your machine, component and individual need of different types of information. Combining our technology and your industrial expertise we generate first information from your components and machines.


For achieving best results our skilled developer team will set up joint development projects together with you. Based on the results from the proof of concept, we create smart machine component solutions for you. This includes sensor integration, electronics and machine learning algorithms to set new industrial standards.

Information as a Service

Smart machine components are providing data over their whole life time. We stay permanently in touch with you by optimizing your information packages and provide you with feedback you need to take the right decisions.


Our passion is sensor integration, our goal is to make machine components smart. Sensor integration in combination with machine learning will give you new insights in your mechanical components and production process. Not only to monitor the status but to be able to act with foresight.

Get to know our Proof-of-Concept-Kit and together we build intelligent machine components!